The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

I’de like to kick off this wordpress blog with some links to different residencies and residency resources that I use. Residencies are basically art-making retreats with a competitive application process. The length of stay, accepted skill level, cost, housing and accommodations vary widely, so there is no set template for what a residency is, you just have to research which ones are right for you. Often the artists are asked to leave behind a piece that was created during their stay for the host organization to display.

Residencies are great because people actually exist out there that want to pay for you to go on art-making vacations. Conversely, some residencies cost thousands for the privilege so you could probably just get a hotel somewhere too, but that doesn’t give you the prestige of winning something.

Here’s a good resource with links to hundreds of programs around the world, searchable by region.

The National Park Service provides residencies in National Parks around America.

The Sitka Center is here on the Oregon coast and also provides classes throughout the summer.

This website allows you to apply to different calls for entry directly through an account with them. I’ve actually used it to apply and get accepted to a show.

Here’s a link I found in my bookmarks that I forgot I had and will probably try to remember to use soon. Although, it’s about juried art shows, not residencies.

And finally, click here for more useful information!


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