Street Art

by JR, in Los Angeles

I haven’t done anything that could be considered “street art” since high school so I’m just an admirer. I see it as one of the more “pure” forms of art because it’s one and only purpose is to beautify the boxy, gray world everyone has to look at everyday.

The “fine art” industry has a basic structure for creating, selling and displaying art. An artist will create something that can hang on a wall or be placed in a corner, try to get accepted into a show, gallery or other venue, then hope that their pieces are chosen by a customer who will put it in their house or office. This isn’t a bad thing, but it is restricting because the artist has to follow the traditional standard of what can sell.

Street art can bypass all of those restrictions. Your canvas is anywhere and your audience is everyone. Is it unethical to deface someone else’s property without permission? Probably. But the worst that will happen is it gets painted over. Or you get arrested, but that’s a risk all artists should be prepared to take.

Obviously a lot of artists have permission and sponsorship from galleries or museums to create large-scale work, and you can also find property owners who are willing to give you permission on your own. A nice website I found is called that has a lot of great examples. Here are some of my favorites:

"Xolopulin" by Liqen, in Mexico

Is there anything not awesome about this?

by Hyuro in Valencia, Spain

I just like images of weird, giant hair.

"Shooting Blanks" by Snyder, in Carlsbad California

I love pieces like this that are simple, clever and site specific.

by Roa, in Newcastle, England

YES. Giant, crazy and a little disturbing.

by Zoo Project, in Cevennes, France

This one might be my favorite for how it takes humans, the viewers, and weirds us out by putting us in the place of animals, which we actually are.

by Vhils, in Lisbon, Portugal

This is just a really cool way to make an image.

by Banksy, New York, NY

And then, of course, there’s Banksy, this one being one of my favorites of his.


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