Guerilla Library Art

I work overnight at the Oregon State library and I’ve been lucky enough to find student’s creative expressions all over the building. It just goes to show you that wherever art can be made, it will be made. These artists often tend to embrace the context in which their work is displayed by choosing to express themselves with words.

Here’s one that appeared just tonight on a wall:

"Permanent Marker" by Anon.

This piece reflects clear angst on the part of the artist while also asking a provokingly existential question of the viewer.

Labels such as below are used to show where books with certain call numbers are, “SK” in this case:

"Musical" by Anon.

The artist has reimagined what the letters “s” and “k” were originally meant to represent in a fun and kitschy way.

Here is another interpretation of the call number labels:

"B*** F***" by Anon.

This piece balances its crudeness with a quiet subtlety that rewards the more attentive of passers-by.

I applaud the collaborative, spontaneous and whimsical spirit in which these and similar artistic expressions are made.


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  1. t baby

    “…quiet subtlety that rewards the more attentive of passers-by.”


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