14 Sweet Sci-Fi Covers

I love cheesy science fiction cover illustrations.  Sure, they probably don’t all count as “good” art, whatever that is, but the more ridiculous they look the more I like them.  Sci-fi and fantasy stories are weird by nature which makes for interesting visual interpretations that can end up being awesome or terrible, but entertaining either way.

I’m a big fan of sci-fi landscapes, and even without looking alien this is a neat surreal image.

I like how the city is almost like circuitry.


The color palette of light green, light blue, yellow and purple has a very classic sci-fi look.

Heh, Moorcock.

I’m a sucker for shiny dandelions.

This is the cover for the book I just finished (and recommend!) My coworker Kim said that it looks like some kind of orgy, so there’s that.

I think this would work really well as a painting by itself. It’s like Dali meets Miro.

You might be thinking this one isn’t so much a sci-fi  illustration as an M. C. Escher print, but Escher’s awesome so screw you, it goes on the list. (This book is also the inspiration for the title of the painting project I’m working on, Flatland, which itself is partly inspired by old sci-fi illustrations. )


Another light green, light blue, yellow and purple color scheme. I like its creepiness.

This is a little different because it’s abstract, but I think it does a great job of creating an other-worldy look.

This is just weird.

From Adam Savage’s little known days as a model.


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