New York City Field Trip: Art Fairs

In 2008 I visited New York City for the first time, going with my mom to two of the annual art fairs, Red Dot and Pulse. When I was little my parents used to bring me to different art fairs in Oregon which were usually held outdoors with tents set up for each artist there to sell work. The New York City fairs were different by being indoors, for one, and in being more of a showcase on a national scale for artists and the galleries representing them. It was definitely a learning experience for me.

The first fair we visited was the smaller of the two, Red Dot, and was held in what seemed like basically a hotel with each little room holding a different gallery from around the country, showing works from their artists. These photos were unfortunately taken before I learned how to include an entire painting in a frame:

This was probably my favorite piece at that fair. They’re very lighthearted and unique, and to me look like thought bubbles. There were a couple other panels not pictured.

This pattern is made entirely by layers of spaghetti. I also spelled spaghetti right on my first try!

I change my mind. This is the best one.

The Pulse fair was more what I guess you would call “contemporary” art, and more fun as an audience because it was so showy. Individual pieces and artists were highlighted as opposed to Red Dot where the focus was the galleries. One thing that stands out to me about the kind of art there is that there was a lot done with neon lighting. A lot. I didn’t think it was that interesting, but there were tons of other great installations, sculptures, performances and paintings:

More work using light.


This oil painting was one of my favorites because of how lush and detailed the scene is, looking both contemporary and very classic at the same time which made it stand out.

This woman was having inkless tattoos of derogatory words done all over her body, placing paper with blood impressions of the tattooed words on the wall behind her as the performance went on. It was one of my first experiences with real-life performance art.

  Clearly the best.


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