Tiny Architecture

A tour of the Cube from Mike Page on Vimeo.

Lately I’ve been looking up tiny, environmentally-friendly eco houses. While I do think everyone ideally should live more efficiently, I should mention that I’m a pretty wasteful person. I drive two blocks to the store, I buy food that has 3 layers of packaging around it, and I think the most I can say is that I save water by being too lazy to shower or do laundry. Yes, I’m gross, but at least I’m doing something! Anyway, after living in a studio apartment I think living in a tiny, energy-efficient house is something I could possibly do since all I really need is a place to store food and internet.

But the important thing is that they look cool, and some of these designs get pretty creative with their tiny-ness.

The Hobbit House:

My favorites from this neat slideshow:

There’s this crazy thing you can buy:

An ecopod is another type of prefab home for sale:

And shipping container homes are a thing too:

Click here for more information!


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