Osaka Street Art

This summer I quit my job and moved from my college town to live back home in Portland and to start my life as an “artist.” And because I’m starting my life as an “artist” I obviously won’t need any of the money I’d saved, so last month I went to Japan! It was like a rebirth: Japan was a warm, humid womb that I never wanted to leave until I was torn from it all, crying through international airports and emerging into stupid reality. That’s what birth is like, right? Anyway, I’m also going to conveniently blame the move and the trip for my lack of posts, but now that I’m unemployed and living in my parent’s house I will have much more time to devote to the internet.

The first place I stayed was Osaka, one of the major cities, and because of jet-lag I went exploring around 6 am when nothing was open. Luckily in the outdoor shopping strip near my hostel there was a lot of painted murals and street art on the closed shop doors which was a lot funner to look at than just souvenirs. According to the friend I stayed with later in the trip these kind of building murals are fairly unique to Osaka. Here are some of them:

Like pretty much everything in japan, this is adorable

Sometimes "adorable" would straddle the line of "creepy"

The long-legged pink deer is my favorite

Pikachu, Goofy, and is that thing Lilo or Stitch? This is copyright madness!

Around Osaka was street art that were more obviously graffiti, but still neat looking

Pretty damn awesome

And, finally, this guy. (From the train station by my place.)


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