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Hello Again, Internet!

(Update: The longer this post sits at the top of the page, the more of a liar it makes of me. Instead of trying to live up to the following promise of some kind of professional reliability that I clearly cannot back up, I’ll just be updating the blog intermittently when I have the perfect storm of time, motivation, a computer and an idea. Which is kind of rare.)

As I’m sure no one could have predicted, I got distracted for a couple months and completely neglected posting. I doubt anyone checks this anymore, but I do plan to start posting more again. Because if I don’t share my random thoughts on the internet, do those thoughts ever really exist? No. And in the future I’d like for an artificial intelligence to download all of my information that’s spread across different websites and recreate my brain so that I can live forever. So this blog is really just part of my plan for eternal life.

In that spirit, here is a post with my own recent paintings, which is convenient for me because I don’t have to actually research anything to write this. Plus updating is kind of a pain so I’m going to write my name a lot, (Ali Schlicting, or Alexandra Schlicting if you’re not into the whole brevity thing), in all the captions so that hopefully google sends you to this post with my newer paintings if you search for me.

These are for the Big 200 show at the People’s Art of Portland in the Pioneer Mall, opening December 10th.

by Ali Schlicting

by Ali Schlicting

by Ali Jean Schlicting

by Alexandra Jean Schlicting

by Alexandra Schlicting

by Alexandra Jean Schlicting


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