This is my wordpress blog. I’ve decided to embrace the “.wordpress” adjunct in the address because someone else has already registered the domain name “artglob.com” and is holding it hostage for $1,295. So… yeah. Moving on.

In deciding to get a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree I knew I was setting myself up for a life of customer service and unskilled labor. Having graduated during the worst recession of this generation I’m just as unemployable as all kinds of other people, which is nice for my self-esteem, but unfortunate for my career since paintings aren’t usually the first thing people want to buy when they have no money.

Since graduating two years ago I’ve been thinking about how to direct my career in these conditions. My plan as of now is to spend time building a portfolio, make it into grad school to earn an MFA and qualify myself to teach college art. The benefits to this path are that it allows you to keep your job art related, work with other artists, work on your own art and train the next generation of art teachers. It is however a popular and competitive path to take.

In the meantime, grad school is expensive and I’d like to enter into that ordeal with the best portfolio possible which I see taking a few more years. So right now I’m just exploring the concepts, structures and techniques that interest me most and building an inventory of work I’ll use to apply for residencies, grants, galleries and grad school. And blogging. I’m also blogging now.

Art Glob is meant partly to document the steps I’m taking to become an “artist.” I will also post different professional resources and personal inspirations because art is really all about stealing sharing. I hope that my perspective and attempts at a career are informative or relatable to those doing the same thing and entertaining to others.

If you’re interested in seeing past work please visit my website here.


5 responses to “About

  1. brittany grymes

    i love you.

  2. Yay you started a blog!!! I love it!

    I feel you on the unskilled laborer and customer service drone thing. Apparently I should have become a computer technician or an engineer because those careers make money…if I read one more article saying that I am going to shoot myself! What happened to following your dreams *sigh* that’s apparently no more for kids these days. We will be the last ones holding out on that front apparently haha.

  3. I’m really impressed little miss Alexandra. You were born an artist with enormous potential + drive and devotion required for success. Please don’t ever get discouraged. All the job experiences, dreary or not, add luster to life and artwork. Have fun!

    love & peace,
    Lynn Rouske

  4. Diego

    Liked the blog, liked your work =)
    Best of luck alexandra.

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